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HACCP Auditing

Why Risk it?

The world of Food Safety and compliance has come a long way in a few short decades. As our lifestyles have changed, so have our patterns of food consumption. These changes have altered how food is grown, manufactured and processed, transported and stored.

Governments, Regulators and Sectors of the industry all have requirements which must be met coupled with the demands of the global economy for businesses to remain competitive.

Expectation on business to meet these standards require a consistent and efficient approach to Food Safety Management and the systems that are in place to meet not only food safety regulations and workplace practices, but also potential major hazards and crises such as product recalls.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a risk management system (Codex Alimentarius CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev.4-2003) which is used to conduct Food Safety Audits in line with the requirements of the Australian Food Standards Code.

HACCP is used to identify, evaluate and control hazards related to food safety and can be applied successfully throughout the food chain from primary production, processing, through to storage and distribution.

HACCP can be used as a stand-alone certification program or in conjunction with other standards and/or regulations which may be necessary depending on customer requirements.


HACCP certification provides many positive outcomes to your business on a daily basis:

  • Confidence – Both with the public and stakeholders that you can deliver a product/service in a safe and consistent manner

  • Effective Risk Management – regular audits allow you to identify and mitigate risks through continuous improvement and risk
    management strategies. This reduces the probability or impact of food recalls and contamination

  • Industry Acceptance & Recognition – Certification gives your brand/company market recognition and greater opportunity and exposure within industry to do business


GFSA has extensive experience within industry including the following sectors:

  • Poultry & Meat Industry

  • Beverage Producers

  • Growing and Production

  • Wholesaling, Transportation, Storage and Distribution

  • Retail and Food Service

  • Food, Ingredient & Additive Processing

  • Seafood Processors

  • Aged Care and Vulnerable Persons

  • Hospitals

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